Privacy Policy

Accountability / Collection

We collect the following personal information:

For test takers: Names, email addresses, test dates, amount paid, date paid, test results, whether a completion certificate is emailed.

For webinar participants: Names, email addresses, webinar dates, amount paid, date paid, webinar log in and log out times, chat room activity and participation.

Purpose & Use

To provide, and record performance on, our tests.

To provide and operate live webinars.

To confirm to law societies, the member’s activity on our tests and in our webinars.

To receive payment and to pay taxes.

To communicate with you if you authorize us to do so or request that we do so.

To communicate with you if we think so doing will help you use one of our services you are attempting to use. For example, if you have signed up for a live webinar, and we have to change the date, we’ll contact you to let you know.

To communicate with you if we identify any new purpose for your information to obtain your consent before we use it for that new purpose.

To communicate with you if we make a change that is relevant to our privacy obligations.


When you provide information to take our tests or attend our live webinars you provide that information to and for the tests and to Paypal and for the live webinars. Because those companies are not located in Canada, the information you provide to them is subject to foreign laws and to their foreign privacy policies. We use Google for storage and some email. Google is a multinational company, so the same warning about the foreign companies listed above applies to Google. We use for our web hosting and some email and we use for some of the marketing materials and forms and email marketing. Both Canspace and Cyberimpact are Canadian companies. We then collect some of your information from the companies listed above for the purposes described in this policy.

We collect personal information through the companies listed or store information with the companies listed above that we use to provide the services. The other companies probably use different storage systems. Because these are companies foreign to Canada, with Classmarker being Australian and using servers in the United States and Paypal being American, the webinar provider being a Polish company, and Google being a multinational company, personal information will be held on foreign servers and be subject to foreign laws and the foreign companies’ privacy policies and it may be accessible to law enforcement and national security authorities of foreign jurisdictions. is our web host and is a Canadian corporation whose web servers are located in Canada. To keep the records for the law societies, we download information from classmarker and paypal and Clickmeeting and Canspace and Cyberimpact. When we do, we download it to computers running Norton security and then upload it for storage in Google Drive or a similar cloud storage company.


You will have to check with and and and and to learn how they store your information as they may change their procedures from time to time. Before we download your information from classmarker and clickmeeting and paypal and after it is uploaded to google drive, it is kept on those companies’ foreign servers. When we download your information it is kept on private computers that are protected by Norton security.


When your information is on our private computer it is secured by Norton security. When we upload it to google drive, it is secured by whatever security they use. When it is on the other companies’ foreign servers, it is secured by whatever security they, respectively, use. You should read the privacy policies of classmarker, paypal, and clickmeeting and google and contact those businesses to learn whether their security is sufficient for your comfort.

Access and use

We access and use your personal information. When we access your information, we do so with computers secured by Norton security. We use your personal information for the purposes described elsewhere in this policy. The other companies we use to provide our service also have access to the information they collect to provide their services. You should read their privacy policies and contact those businesses to learn whether their access and use is acceptable to you.


We will disclose your personal information to law societies if requested. We will also disclose it as required by law. The other companies may disclose the information they collect. You should read their privacy policies and contact those businesses to learn whether their disclosure is acceptable to you.


We keep the downloaded information for as long as necessary to be able to provide it to the law societies if requested within their respective reporting and retention periods. However, we accept no liability for loss of that information or for being unable to provide that information to a requesting law society. You are solely responsible for keeping evidence of your test results and dates and your live webinar participation and payment for each. Review the other companies’ privacy policies or contact them to learn how they dispose of your personal information.


When personal information is on our computers it is protected by Norton security. When it is not, it is protected by the safeguards of the respective businesses we use to provide our service. Read their privacy policies or contact them to decide whether you are comfortable with their safeguards.


To access or correct your personal information held by Havenport Incorporated or to learn to whom it has been disclosed, or to complain about something related to it, contact us at

For the same purposes related to your personal information held by one of the other companies, contact them via the contact information provided in their privacy policies.